About us

Bharat Overseas was established in the year 1990, from a humble beginning gradually grew up to be a leader in Export Markets for Textile Home Furnishing under the leadership Mr.Virender goyal with his continuous innovation and upgrading principles brought newness in Design, Style and uncompromising Quality products at a highly competitive price.

He created a niche market and established as pioneers for a wide range of Home Furnishings such as Table Linens, Bed linens, Kitchen Linens, Throws, Cushions, Rugs, Woven Curtains, Rugs and Bathmats.

Why Choose us ?

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our prime motto. Our staff works on priority bases and try our best to give you the desire solution . We feels very happy to develop any new thing / item from our customer as well as adding some new ideas from outside.

Value For Money

Expertise staff with 25 years of Intensive Experience in Home Furnishings Sourcing, assure us to go in depth of costing and providing “Value for money” goods, so to provide our clients a good area to play in sales.


We have a very good support from our vendors those have been complaint with all major institutions. Our moto is just to provide our customer a better quality product every time they commute business with us.


We have anticipated with various design houses, institutions ,designer & etc. who come up with new & innovative design as accordingly to the our day to day life .

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